About Tapia

D. A. Tapia Construction — which does business as Tapia Home Improvement Contractors of Westchester — is a family business, owned and operated by David Tapia, a second generation craftsman.

David Tapia, principal of Tapia Home Improvement ContractorsSkilled Craftsman
A skilled carpenter, tile mason, painter and mechanic, David designs, supervises and personally participates in all of his company’s projects. His forte is renovation, remodeling, and repair projects that require meticulous attention.

Personal Service
David is the rare craftsman, whose projects achieve old-world beauty, but whose business practices are refreshingly modern. David cares deeply about the quality of his work — in fact, he’s a bit of a perfectionist — but he cares even more about his customers.

Free Estimate
Write or call David at 914-302-6626 (main) or 914-384-0431 (mobile) about your home improvement project and be prepared for a surprise.  David is the craftsman who listens.

Want to learn more about selecting a home improvement contractor? David recommends the Ultimate Guide: Home Repair & Improvement (Creative Homeowner, 3rd Ed, 2011)