The difference between a large space and a great space is the woodwork.  Look at the great spaces in elegant homes and you’ll find crown, chair and baseboard moldings, window trim, decorative fireplaces, radiator covers and built-in furniture.

Woodworking toolsCustom Woodwork
Custom woodworking turns a complete room into a finished room.  Crown molding changes the junction of wall and ceiling into a statement.  Built-in bookcases, seating, and wall-units unify a room with cabinetry that meets your needs and expresses your tastes. Elegant window installations frame the view; matching door installations draw visitors into the room, setting it apart. Custom closets change a storage space into a working showcase.

Transform a Space or Finish a Room
Tapia Home Improvement Contractors of Westchester can build a room in your basement or attic, make a spare room into a den, office or library, or frame any room with custom trim, moldings and woodwork. And Tapia can work with you or your designer, or work from plans you supply.

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See what’s involved in woodcraft. Check out a copy of Woodwork: A Step-by-Step Photographic Guide to Successful Woodworking (DK Publishing, 2010)